MDL Holiday Cinemas - Frederick, Maryland - Every Movie experience is a HOLIDAY!


To all my valued customers and friends that I have made over the years:

I regret to inform you that after 27 years, MDL Holiday Cinemas will be closing permanently. I have tried to keep the theater running but circumstances out of my control have forced me to make this decision.

The increase in MD minimum wage as well as increased prices with our vendors are a couple of factors that have led me to make this decision.
Technology has changed drastically in the film industry over the past several years. Movies are being released faster on DVD and thru streaming services. This entail has hurt our bottom line. 

I would like to personally thank everyone for coming out and supporting the theater throughout the years. It has been an extremely hard decision to make but one that was out of my control. The support of all of you has been truly heartfelt. I will miss everyone and the friendships that I have built over the past 27 years.

Mark Loudin